Core Technology

Network Communication

Architectural Design
Software Development & Integration
Software Engineering
Technical Analysis & Support

Project Management

Manage complex, high-tech projects
Feasibility & Cost effectiveness
Resolve technical issues


C, C++, C#, Java, DCE, COM+, .NET 2005, .NET 2008

Operating Systems

Unix (HP/Sun Solaris 8/10, Linux), Windows (XP, Vista, WIN 7, WIN 2003, WIN 2008)



Software Development

Device drivers, Applications

Professional Background

Product Management

Manage development of Ground Tactical Communications Software that currently deploys in the ABCS environment of the 4ID in Iraq.

Communications Equipments

Involved in development of software and hardware for systems such as EPLRS, SINCGARS, JTIDS radios.


Supported in development of MIL-STDs such as MIL-STD-2015-47001C and protocols such as MIL-STD-188-220, AWE-IVIS, ADDS, Tank Net Radio Protocol specifications etc.

Reliability and Maintainability

Technical Lead in support of Project Manager Army Data Distribution Systems (ADDS) and Air Force Joint Program Office in improving JTIDS Class 2 reliability and maintainability.

Software IV&V

Technical Lead for SINCGARS, EPLRS and JTIDS software IV&V progress and approval.

System Test & Acceptance

Participated in the development & acceptance test of various systems.

Software Testing at all stages of Software Development

Unit Testing

-Responsible for testing the many units of the software including TCP/UDP/MDP/various army protocol.

Module Testing

-Responsible for module testing such as Message processing and Transport reliability.

Component Testing

-Responsible for testing the individual components that make up the software application ie., 188-220a, TCIM, TCOMM, MPN, Mcast, ComCmp and TCISS.

System Testing

-Responsible for testing software integrated with BFA systems such as AMDWS, MCS, MCS-Lite, CSSCS, etc. System testing usually takes place at large testing facilities such as the CTSF located at Ft. Hood and the Lockheed Martin Facilities located in Shrewsbury, NJ.

Formall Software Testing

Formal qualification Test Planning

Developed plans for conducting the FQT.
-Test Cases
-Test procedures
-Test Results
-Developed full suite of Documentation (STD, SVD, SUM, etc.)

Formal qualification
-Testing Formal testing with DISA personnel.
- DISA DII COE compliant.

Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Requirements Management
- Defining the software.

Change Management
Managing the software evolution
- Change proposals
- Change requirements
- Code Changes

Data Management
- SSS, SRS, STP, SVD, SUM, etc.,

- Release Forms, waivers, compliancy, etc.

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